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THE MAN THAT GOD WILL USE: A Review of Four Vital Qualities

The Man That God Will Use
I have always believed that "God is not partial in His dealings with men, in His choice of whomever he chose for His service. Hence, I am an advocate of this wondrous reality that; " Whatever God does for child A, or whatever the miles God goes through with child him, He is always ready and willing  to do much more with child B.
For a reason such as this did Apostle Paul proclaim in the second chapter and verses of the book of Romans that "... there is no partiality with God" Romans 2:11. God  is always available to make do with anyone that is ready to avail himself.

Who then is the man that God will use?
In my studies, I also tried every possible means to overlook the mysteries of election, predestination and divine sovereignty of God to do whatever He likes and chooses whomever He wants. This is because I have also come to the understanding that trying to understand these mysteries will only build philosophers, and theologians alike, but they will never build up or make a saint. So, to these mysteries, I concluded by saying "only God knows".

I, taking a keen look into the lives of various men at various stages, time and ages, discovered various vital, and Godly qualities, the kind I believe caught or drawn the attention of God.

This conscious yet divine confession of Apostle Paul rings in my ear a million clanging of a bell; "Elijah is a man of like passion". In other words, Elijah the prophet is no different from any sons in the  kingdom, He is not a special kind of breed, and the same goes to other men that God has used, is using and will use.

However, Elijah as well as a whole lot of other saints possesses some vital qualities, the very qualities I believe qualifies them for the master's use. These are the same qualities I believe that any man that God will use will posses.

Using Elijah as a case study, the man of God; A.W. Tozer "from the voice of a prophet" has the following vital qualities to discuss:  


1. Fearless like Elijah
Elijah was a fearless man of great courage. There is danger today that requires a lot of courage to have that Mount Carmel experience. It takes a lot of courage to stand out. Whenever we try to get along with each other, we never have any trouble and we never get into trouble. It always weakens us.

When Elijah was standing against the false prophets, we find hundreds of prophets of God hiding in a cave. Only one man stood up against the false religion, and that was Elijah. If all of those prophets hiding in the caves had the spirit of Elijah, they would have shaken Israel to its foundation. They would have frightened Jezebel back to Sidon where she belonged, and Ahab would have crawled in a hole somewhere and pulled it in after him. The power of God would have leaped out on Israel; but they were hiding. It takes courage to stand against the enemy.
God always used men of courage down through the years. It requires a great deal of courage to stand for God in an hour like this to be a son of God among the sons of men; to be a citizen of heaven among the citizens of the world; to be a good man in a bad world and have faith in a world of unbelief; to be good in a world that loves to be bad. It takes courage, and God is waiting for us to rise up with something of the fearlessness of Elijah.

We have some worth to talk about David. The man who through his recognition of the God's eminent power to save will not stand down against the evil that is about to beset the people of God. Fearless he, stands to face lion, bear and even the Goliath of Gad. In his words: "The Lord that delivers me from the clutches of bear and Lion will also deliver me from the hand of this Philistine" is a powerful word of courage and fearlessness and of hope in the saving God.

2. Dedicated/Availability
God is also looking for someone with the consecration of Elijah. That seems to be trite and commonplace today. Our dedication ought to be to God; and if God will find people completely dedicated to Him, He will begin working wonders this generation needs to see.

3. Obedient/Humility
When you said "Seek My face", My heart said to you, Your face, LORD, I will seek". Psalm 27:8
And being found in the appearance of Man, He humbled himself and became obedient to the point of death… Phillipians 2:8

Then there was the obedience of Elijah. He went and did according to the Word of the Lord; and every time God spoke to him, he went and did according to the Word of the Lord. Because of this, God did according to the word of Elijah, and the two worked together in harmony. God said, “Elijah, do this,” and he ran and did it. Elijah said, “Oh God, do this,” and God moved and did it. God and Elijah worked together because Elijah listened to the Word of the Lord, and the Lord listened to the word of ELIJAH. God is looking for obedient people. I mean positively obedient, not passively obedient, but intentional obedience.

A person can sit disobedient and lazy and sing every Sunday morning, “Have Thine own way, Lord, have Thine own way.” That is passivity personified. God cannot have His own way unless you get up and do what He tells you to do. God having His way in your life means that when God says, “Do this,” you do it. The church of Jesus Christ is cursed with passive obedience, which of course is Disobedience. While we are looking about for the rose-bordered way, Elijah took the tough way of faith and obedience and thus put himself on the spot. The way involves a kind of faith that Elijah had, a hazardous faith.
4. A man of Prayer
In addition, God is looking for someone as prayerful as Elijah. Elijah lived for prayer, he commanded in prayer and he claimed through prayer.
We do not want the good old days; we want the God of the good old days.
We all have electricity in our homes - a quiet power that will run all of our appliances. You cannot see it and you cannot hear it, but it is there, and you know it is there because when you are plugged into it, there is power.
God Almighty is with us. I do not hear Him, as I do not hear electricity.
Nobody has ever seen Him, but He is here. How do we know He is here?

Because if I meet the conditions that God has set, I get the power. There are conditions that need to be met. The Lord God of Elijah is our God today; He is the God and Father of Jesus Christ. He is a God who works miracles today, but there must be conditions met: the conditions are faith and obedience. Plug them into the mighty source and you will have the power that Elijah had.

Conclusively, The Lord God of Elijah is waiting for a fearless people, a consecrated people, an obedient people, a faith-filled and prayerful people. When He finds them, He begins to do for them what He did for others in days gone by.

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