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 The Christmas season is here again. Father, thank you for the gift of your son Jesus Christ. For He is the reason for this season. He is the main personality behind our enraptured heart these times of the year and the years to come. Amen.

The Christmas period is the time of the birth of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. It suffices indeed for us to celebrate with joyful heart with families and friends around. It is the time when the streets and houses are decorated with colourful flowers and various forms of decorating materials, showing the beauty of the savior that was born of a virgin in a manger.

People engages in lots of activities during this period among which are: meeting old and new friends, having happy moments with families far and near, some give out gifts in abundance, some goes on excursions and various holiday traveling, while for some, it is a time to rest. Some families even go as far as having a family tradition that they engages during Christmas periods, some of which are common and not contrary to what most people do. Viz; going for shopping, traveling to villages to meet old pals etc.

But the question is? Are these really important for Christians to engage in?

The truth is, they are very important; for no one will want to miss out in meeting old and news pals in the village, receiving and giving gifts, go on excursions, shopping, making new friends etc.

In engaging these activities; are we really fulfilling the reason for the season? 
I would not put myself in the position of criticizing aged family traditions, or various activities that people performed, I would rather suggests ways in which the various activities can be engaged in such a way that it will realize the essence or the reason for the season.

The truth is, if there is anything to do, or any activity to engage in this Christmas period, it should be anything that brings men to Christ. For as far as the scripture is concerned, the essence of Christ’s birth is to bring men to God.

Matthew 1:21 And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name JESUS: for he shall save his people from their sins.

Titus 2:11 For the grace of God that bringeth salvation hath appeared to all men,

If you could look into that Christmas song: “Go tell it on the mountain, over the hills and everywhere… that Jesus Christ is born”.  Go tell Them” Why? It simply means Evangelise, tell people about the new born king. So the most important thing we can do on every Christmas period is to simply Preach Christ; let people (mostly unbelievers) know of the love of Christ.

How our family traditions and our various activities can achieve that?

a.   Seeing that Christmas season is a time we invite friends to our homes, play, have fun, give out gifts etc. We can use this medium to invite those unbelieving friend around us to our houses, give them gifts dine with then, and eventually, preach Christ to them.

b.  if you have a family tradition of traveling around to see new things and new places:

·    you can consider taking along with you gospel tracts, giving it to the people you meet on your way, telling them about the love of the new born king.
·      You can as well in some of your traveling, considers visiting an orphanage, share gifts with them.
·  You can also consider inviting that unbelieving friend in some of your traveling or excursions; a considerable avenue to share the joy and the love of Christ to your friend.


c.  They with the tradition of giving out gifts:

·                    Instead of giving your gifts to your rich and Christian friend as the practice used to be, you can consider; giving your gifts to that unbelieving friend. It can go a long way to influence Him/Her.
·           You can considers giving to the less fortunate; I mean older people that are around you and share the love and the joy of Christ with them.
·                    You can consider, giving your gifts to those who are not able to celebrate, like the motherless babies homes, patients in hospitals, inmates in prisons etc. It sure going to pave an avenue to preach Christ unto them.

d.  Some have fun in posting fun full pictures and videos across social medias: Alongside you sharing your joyful and happy moments online, you can use the medium to Tag Jesus”. Telling the whole world that Jesus is the reason for your joy and happiness. That’s hilarious right? Just do it, “Tag Jesus”, you may not know the weight it carries. Smiles.

e.   This Christmas season, make someone smile, joyful and happy,  make someone’s life better , preach Christ to People at all cost, and let your targets mostly be that unbelieving family or friends.

f.         After doing that, have some rests, refresh yourself, have fun  etc. with your family.

Conclusively, whatever you do in this festive period, let it be the kind that brings glory to God.
Happy Christmas.
Share the love of Christ
Share Christ.

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