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Arrayed in beautiful uniform, they were led to the front of the alter for a ministration of less than 15mins.

Who could ever imagine that a choir of special people (comprising of a lead singer, a blind boy of about 13years old, and 8 deaf ministers), would lead a worship section and the whole Assembly of God will be filled with the divine presence and glory of God.

At first, it was unexpected and in fact unthinkable, and the thoughts of many as I behold their faces was that; let them do what they will do and go. This i guess mainly because people are eager to go home or the service will be prolonged, and perhaps, how will they do it, seeing that they are deaf and blind. 

However, to the glory of God, the unexpected and the unthinkable unfolds before our very eyes, in that, not more than five mins of starting their ministration, the glory and the presence of God fill the house. 
The distinctive and rhythmic movement of their hands and mouth becomes a beauty and a wonder to behold before our eyes; even as they sing sincerely and wholeheartedly a common or a well known song " you raised me up, so i can stand the mountain..." 
The whole congregation stood up, raised their hands,  head raised up  and bowed in worship of the glorious God. Tears behold I rolling down the cheek of many, knees also did its bidding by falling down before the manifested presence. What caused it became a mystery i do not know, nor could i ever give a distinctive explanation, knowing fully well that the services of the past and other various ministrations that i attended during that camp cannot be compared to the beauty of that day.

As i reasoned and study along, I will raise stones comes troubling my mind. What has this got to do with the foregoing thought.? 
The truth is, there is expression of sincerity, life (spirit) and truthfulness in the faces of the special choirs even as they move their mouth, with the symbolic yet distinctive movement of their hands. 
Of course, i have been under ministrations where the same song and much more was rendered and there's nothing to show for it. This i guess is as a result of the commitment and passion of the choristers. I believe "i will raise stone" hear is passing a vital message to us all. This message i believe is that, if we failed to work the works of God wholeheartedly, sincerity and with purity of heart and mind, God will readily raise someone else who though in appearance and in some other vital areas is lesser than we do, who will do it in such a way that heaven will be satisfied. 

Furthermore, I am not perturbed nor disturbed about a message that had been parading the social media for quite sometimes. It was a disturbing revelation of a group of choristers (in their hundreds) who sang so beautifully (this I guess to the tune of the congregation), but unfortunately, just two or three peoples voices could be heard in the heavenly realm. Just three of them sings so beautifully and graciously enough to attract the attention of God. 

What happened to the rest? That i may not fully comprehend, however,on a concluding note, this one thing i believe, anyone that will attract the presence of God must definitely, Worship God (pray, praise, study the word, fast): being filled with the spirit John 4:23-24, with purity of heart (wholeheartedly, sincerely, truthfully), with heart and mind fixated on Jesus Christ and neglecting not preparatory class and prayers. 
More Grace to you. 

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