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To say One can fight for God is tantamount to saying: God is helpless in Himself; God can't defend Himself; He is not Supreme or Sovereign; in its entirety, it means God is not God. 

It saddened my heart when I read about the number of people that died in some religious minded and gruesome attacks recently.

Just for the sake of empty religious promises, people then carry weapons of war; guns, knives, attached bombs and detonates it in the midst of many people of diverse and different religious mindset and affiliation. 

The life of a man because of Religious promises is now not worth more than that of a flower that shows up today only to be seen to have dried and blown off by the wind the second day.

 Karl Marx stated it right by saying "the only prerequisite to the happiness of any nation is the abolition of Religion".

However, i wish that everyone would come to the knowledge of the fact that, any God that commands people to kill and destroy each other to show his sovereignty, supremacy and existence ceases to be the Almighty God.



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