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Go not into thy brothers house in the days of thy Calamities

Go not into thy brothers house
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Do not forsake your friend and your father's friend, and do not enter your brother's house in the day of your disaster; a neighbor nearby is better than a brother far away. Proverbs 10:27    

Generally speaking, there is not a man here on earth that is not passing through probing situations  in which he/she is looking up to God (recognizing God as the perfect source of help) for ways out of them.

Getting help is what we cannot do without, when we are faced with challenges, of which many goes far and near. 
And the truth is, the very first helpline that comes to mind when we are faced with calamities are one’s own siblings or immediate family members. 
However, the scripture above is saying otherwise; GO NOT INTO THY BROTHERS HOUSE...

Question: Is the scripture really saying we shouldn’t go into our brothers’ house?

Trust me, we shouldn’t just take the scripture literally to mean we shouldn’t seek them out for help in times of pains. 
Of course, we can and should but, what if: the brother we think will be of help fails to do so, or the siblings we thought will help is a kind of stingy and selfish kind, or that immediate family member is nowhere to be found at that particular point in time.

Then where else do we have to go if they which we perceive are closer to us (Immediate family members) failed to assist or show up in our times of need.

… Your Friend and your father’s friend forsake not... Proverbs 10:27
Forsake them not, why?
This is because there is a possibility of they are becoming the very ones that will eventually render the help that even the closest brother or siblings fails to offer.

Building positive relationship with people around us: Do not forsake them in their very own times of need; don’t wait until they are in need or in want before reaching out to them. 
Live in love with them, show them kindness, strife not with them; esteem them better than yourself, and don’t look down on them.
Caveat: Life works on the law of reciprocal proportion: Jesus understanding the importance of living in love and building positive relationship with others says: “Do to them as you want them to do unto you”.

That is just the truth, the measure in which you used on others, mostly the ones that are very close to you or your neighbors; the same will also be used on you. 
If you attend to their needs in times of their pains, be sure they will do likewise, and that characterizes the kind of Christian relationship the scriptures talks about.

The scripture talks about an Acts of the Apostles: They all gathers and gave their all for the edification and needs of each other. 
They simply had everything in common. Acts 4:32-37. And the scripture says; And there is none among them that is in need.

Who then is a friend that is closer than a brother?
Think about it: A friend that recognizes one's pains even without telling them, and even goes as long as providing the way out of them. Can’t such be considered to be a friend that is closer than a brother.
The truth is, the friend that you don’t even considers to likely be of help, can eventually turn outs to be the very one that will render the help you seek.

Concluding thought: considering the verse of the scripture again, one would see that the scripture doesn’t negate going to one’s immediate family or siblings in times of needs; however, the very picture the scripture painted was that of building a positive relationship with others; neighbors and friends around us. 
For the friend or neighbors we don’t expect may actually be the very one that will render the very help we need in times of pain.

Grace to you.


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