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How to Eliminate The Weed of Self-confidence

Self-confidence is good, but God-confident is better 

Eliminating self-confidence
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Psalms 121:1-2 I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from the LORD, which made heaven and earth.

When in His mercy God leads a soul in the higher paths of sanctification, He begins by scrapping it of all self-confidence and to this end He allows our own schemes to fail, our judgment to mislead us. 
We grope and totter and make countless mistakes until we learn to mistrust ourselves and to put all our confidence in Him. Jean Nicholas Gruel.

The truth undeniably is that, self-confidence is good. It pays to be bold, strong and confident: for without confidence; fears will stripe us of many benefits.
However, one thing is been self-confident another is being God-confident.

Take a look at some of the saints of old; Many of them walked in the highway of victorious living; fought and conquers many battles not because they have the power or might, but because they simply put their trust and total confidence in God.

Moses for instance says: “…And he said unto him, If thy presence go not with me, carry us not up hence.” Exodus 33:19.
David says: Psalms 16: 8 I have set the LORD always before me: because he is at my right hand, I shall not be moved.

“Woe to any man that put his trust in mere flesh”.

Not until we come to the end of our self-life variants  such as self-pride, self-will, self-sufficiency, self-trust and most importantly the weed of self-confidence, and our holy hands raised to God as a sign of helplessness on our path, and our kneels bowed down before His Grace and become God-confident (putting our total trust in God), our so much anticipated victories over battles and challenges of life may be short and forthcoming. ~Agboola Oluwafemi~

Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. Be not wise in thine own eyes: fear the LORD, and depart from evil. Proverbs 3:5-7.

Getting rid of self-life confidence/pride/trusts requires; we recognizing with deep and devoted reference the effectual working of the power of God in us. 
Humbly submitting and subjecting our total will to God, putting God first in everything, and becoming obedient to the will and the leading of the Holy Spirit.

When we humbly trust, let go of our self-life pride, and eventually lay on God our total confidence, then “God gives us more grace” James 4:6 for breakthrough in everything we do.  

How can one transition from self-confidence to God-confidence?

Transitioning from self-confidence to God-confidence is a personal and spiritual journey. Some steps that may help include:

  • Self-reflection: Reflect on your beliefs, values, and spirituality. Consider how your self-confidence aligns with your understanding of a higher power.
  • Seek guidance: Consult with spiritual leaders, mentors, or individuals who can provide insights or guidance on deepening your connection with a higher power.
  • Prayer and meditation: Engage in prayer or meditation practices that help you connect with your spiritual beliefs and develop a deeper sense of trust and reliance on a higher power.
  • Study and contemplation: Engage in the study of religious or spiritual texts, attend lectures, or participate in discussions that can expand your understanding and foster a stronger sense of God-confidence.
  • Practice surrender: Learn to surrender control over outcomes and trust in the guidance of a higher power. Let go of excessive attachment to personal achievements and embrace the belief that there is a greater plan at work.
  • Cultivate gratitude: Practice gratitude for the blessings in your life, acknowledging the role of a higher power in providing those blessings. This can help develop a sense of humility and reliance on something beyond oneself.



What is self-confidence?

Self-confidence refers to a person's belief in their own abilities, qualities, and judgment. It involves having a positive self-perception and the belief that one can successfully navigate and accomplish tasks or goals.

Why would someone want to eliminate self-confidence?

It is generally not advisable to eliminate self-confidence entirely. Self-confidence is important for personal growth, achieving goals, and maintaining a healthy self-image. However, some individuals might seek to reduce excessive or misplaced self-confidence that leads to arrogance, disregard for others, or unrealistic expectations.

What is "God-confidence"?

"God-confidence" refers to having faith and trust in a higher power or a divine source. It involves relying on a spiritual or religious belief system and finding confidence, strength, and guidance through that connection.