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Over the years, I have seen people pray fervently on mountains, churches and various Christian gathering like night vigils, revivals, prayer meetings etc., just to see one unusual (unexpected) helper (person) who had been tied to or destined with them from birth or heaven to take them to the high places, riches, abundance or to the place of destiny or purpose fulfillment etc. In short, someone who will elevate them from poverty or unwanted lowly positions to the next level in life.

I observed that in churches where this prayer is being offered, very few are those that do have this define encounter and none at times; and that is just the truth; for not everyone is going to experience this unusual divine encounter. This creates in me an impression that “what then is the lot or hope of the remaining hundreds or thousands that are left in the congregation, is there no helper allotted to others for upliftment from wretchedness into full blown riches and greatness in life (next level).

As I reason and study along the line, my attention was drawn to the story of the prodigal son and Zacchaeus in the scripture, and the Holy Spirit begins to relates with me that help(er) has gone to many people, but they were blinded to see it. This is because their attention and focus is mainly to see a prominent human vigor that had been allotted to help them in the place of destiny.

This write-up is not debunking the fact that God sends divine human helper, of course Mephiboshet is a case study in the scripture. Rather, it is meant to open the eyes of people to another great dimension in which divine help(er) comes to people.

The Idea of a long awaited Human helper has blindfolded the mind of many people to be sensitive, see or hear of the “Divine Idea” that has been released into their mind in the place of prayer.

A “Divine Idea” is the wisdom of God (released) in man that has been liberating people from the shackles of poverty and wretchedness, or from lowly positions to the next level of greatness they anticipate. It has saved many people from endless movement from one mountains, prayer meetings etc., to another.

A “Divine Idea” I would say is a one-step out of unnecessary pains and anguish, it is a protocol breaker, in the sense that once it is anticipated or implemented can bring about a newness and a change of life.

Zacchaeus the tax collector in the scripture (Luke 19:1-10)  is an example of a man whom though was very rich and well known seeks to see Jesus amidst the crowd, but was unable to do so because he was a short man (this I perceive is the next level of greatness he seeks). His main purpose at that time as the scripture reviews was only to see the person Jesus (probably how he looks like). However, the crowd (Hindrances, obstacles before him) did not allow him to see Jesus. And no one (Helper) was there to help him, maybe to lift him up.

However, something happened (Luke 19:4), an idea (I called divine; simply because his aim was only to see Jesus) came to his mind, he saw a sycamore tree ahead and the bible says he ran before or ahead of the crowd and climbed up a sycamore to see Jesus. He eventually saw Jesus. This idea I called Divine because; he not only saw Jesus:
·      Jesus talk to him,
·      Jesus dined with him,
·      Salvation enters into house.

Zacchaeus may have been struggling and looking for a tall and hefty man (Helper) to lift him up in which as a result may never be opportune to see Jesus who may have passed him by.

 Likewise is the story of the prodigal son (Luke 15: 11-20) who went to his father to collect all his inheritance, after which he went down to a far country, and wasted it on extravagant living. A famine came up and he be began to be in want to the extent that he has nothing again. The situation was so worst for him that he began to eat and fill himself with the tusk that the swine did eat. He seek help from his friends and they all deserted him (Luke 15:16).

If he should continue in the state of looking for a helper, he may end up his life in wretchedness. But something happen, according to (Luke 15:17a); “And he came to himself”… and in verse 18, he says “I will rise and go to my father”…
If there is one thing that can make someone to “come to himself” (or regain consciousness or to have a change of mind-set), I believe that’s a Divine Idea.
He would also have continue in his helpless state until the idea of going back to his father came to his mind.  Let me remind you also that when he got home:
·      He wasn’t taken as a servant
·      He gained back his lost possessions
·      He was saved and celebrated

In conclusion, once again, I reiterate that this article is not to debunk the fact that God do send human helper, rather, it was meant to serve as an eye opener to another dimension of help that God do send to his people in which they are not sensitive to see.

Therefore, when you are left with no choice other than to ask and pray for a prominent, philanthropist human helper,
1. Always be sensitive to the things the Holy Spirit is saying to you..
2. Do not fixate on human helper that may never come, rather let your focus be on God and God alone. The Psalmist says “Where does my help comes from?” and he answer by saying “my help comes from the Lord…”  Psalm 121:1-2.
Reference Text: Luke 19: 1-10, Luke 15: 11-18

Watch out for part two Awake Thy Giants
Remain Blessed.

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