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What Kill These People: Faith, Self-confidence, Ignorance or God?

A man of faith was trapped by the flood in a three-story building. When the water was very small, certain swimmers (rescuers) came to the house to offer him a rescue hand, but our man on the line of faith refused, saying God will deliver him. 
The water rose, He moved to the 2nd floor. Some set of rescuers came again, this time around in a canoe, offers to rescue him again, but on the ground that God will save him refused. 
And lastly the water rose to the last immensely, and our man was moved to the last floor, rescuers came again, but this time around in a helicopter. Our man refused again, saying God will save him. Unfortunately, the flood arose and overwhelmed the house and He died.

Why didn't God save him?
The rescuers that went for him, the canoe and the helicopter that went to save him, who did you think send them.
Story source: You can win; By shiv khera
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Likewise, is the story of a young woman (name withheld) who was very sick unto the point of death. Her Pastor told her she needs not medication, but with faith God will heal her. At many points in time did her husband bring medications to her, of which she frankly refused, saying God will heal her. Her health continues to deteriorate, and she eventually went to an early grave on the ground that God will save her.

THINK ABOUT IT: What kill them? Is it Faith, is it Ignorance/self-confidence, is it God who neglected them?.
Why did Paul ask Timothy to add little wine because of his illness? 1 Timothy 5:23

A SHORT NOTE:                                           
Many are ignorant of the fact that; what they called faith (based on the foregoing) is not really faith in every sense of it, rather, it is simply tempting God.                Matthew 4:7 …Thou shall not tempt the Lord your God.

Even then on the ground of tempting God, we still see God working in every possible way to deliver them from such erroneous premonitions. 
Take for instance the man that was trapped in a house by flood, of which help came to him at every point in time; look at the woman that her husband tries at many point in time to get her treated with medications etc., 
One would see that the understanding that they lacked was that; the God they relied upon has been the one sending help to them; He has been putting up to them the way out through the various helps that come their way. Unfortunately, they were so blinded to see it. And that is true of many people; who has on the ground of faith destroyed their own life. 
The truth indeed is that; people perish, because of lack of Knowledge, Hosea 4:6a. We see empty pride here; for it takes just a little step of faith out of the house and perhaps a lit sip of medication to set them free.

God, the bible says every good and perfect gifts comes from Him… James 4:17; hence He is never in the business or acts of neglecting His own People; remember Jesus saying; I will not leave you comfortless, I will come to you (John 14:18).
Hence, no matter how grave or how great a situation may be, God will always set an open door of opportunity and breakthrough. But one thing is God setting it, another is we seeing, understanding, and exploring that which God has set before us.

 Finally, Not until we come to the end of our pride-like-faith; and seek in humble submission or ask in deep and devoted reference; one may never receive the understanding and exploring grace; (For God giveth more grace to the humble James 4:6) neither will enlightenment as to see the path to take comes to us.

ND: Faith without work is dead: A step out of the flooded house and a little sip of medication would have gotten them out of the messy roadway to death.
Think about it:

Grace to you.
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