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He woke up that morning with an enraptured heart; a joy divine like no other, happiness and relieves flowing down his spines, bones and marrows. He wake up bearing in mind one single yet joyful thought which is that: surely, the Lord is here... And that’s the major and captivating message of that long chapter. He later built an alter there for the worship of God. Genesis 28:16.


In my prayer life, I used to think of God as one that is several millions or billions of miles away, so I need to give a loud shout, cries with my head lifted up to heavens so that God can look down and easily see me in my distress and answered my prayer.

The major source of this as at then are prayer meetings or revivals where answers to prayer is perceived to be competitive, and the person who can say the loudest amen or offered the most fervent shout or cries in prayer would easily be noticed by God and subsequently have answers to prayer as quick as possible. As an addition, the fervent prayer of a righteous man as the Bible says, I presumed to be a prayer of suffering oneself by stretching, shaking the body, shouting etc.

This went on and on for a long time that it came to an extent that neighbors complains indirectly; as my fervent prayer life disturbs and distract them both early in the morning and some of the times I woke up to pray in the middle of the night.

However, my prayer life began to improve the moment I came to understand of the divine Immanence of God. The fact that, God is here; and I began to talk and pray to the God just as a child talks to His own father.

After coming across the great book titled “the pursuit of God” by A.W. Tozer, I came to understand that God is here, He is everywhere, He sees us as we are, He  knows our thoughts/minds, He watches our actions and He is very close to us, narrowly, he lives in us.
Job put it nicely when he says: “God is closer to us as the breath of our Nostril.” Job 27:3

Hildebert of Lavardin wrote: “God is over all things, under all things, outside all; within, but not enclosed; without, but not excluded; above but not raised up, below, but not depressed; wholly above, presiding; wholly without, embracing; wholly within, filling.” (The Pursuit of God; pg.87).

I came to understand that God is above, yet He is below; He is present with us here on earth, and he is ever ready to manifest his presence to any willing heart. Hence, God cannot be found while shouting, crying, or rolling on the floor but in faith and humble submission.

Most people failed to hear the whispering and the speaking voice of God in the place of prayer not because of anything, but because they are yet to understand the power of silent worship and reckoning with the father, nor do they, the beauty of talking to God as a father.
A fervent prayer should not be confused with praying by shouting, crying out loud, rolling here and there, disciplining the body in some manners, No. The fervent prayer of a righteous man is a prayer offered in faith and humble submission.

 “For without faith, it is impossible to please God” Hebrew 11:6

Faith is the grasping of Almighty power; the hand of man laid on the arm of God; the grand and blessed our in which the things impossible to men, becomes the possible. O Lord, through thee. Anna E. Hamilton. (Pursuit of God. Pg.133).

It is only the prayer of faith that can move the hand of God, hence, it doesn’t matter the way and manner we act, what matters most is Faith.

Having This Knowledge: I experience a change in my life as touching many things:

-         A total change in my prayer life: I don’t see God as a God who is far away from me anymore; You know what, I don’t shout and cry anymore, I now talk to God, just like as a child talks to his/her own father. For God is hear.

-         I now have a sense of victory in all I do: That God is here is an assuring sound of victory in my hear. And it giveth me hope. “For if God is for me, who can stand against me.”

-         Because God is here, There is no more fear, no more despair. The Psalmist put it nicely when he says: I Have set the Lord always before me, because He’s at my right hand, I will not be shaken.

-         An attitudinal change in the way and manner of worshiping God. “That God is for me, that He is here” brings about sweetness, happiness, joy filling my heart daily, even in every blessed day of Worshiping God.

Conclusively, I write not to debunk or stand against the fact that, at some times, unknowingly, something can stir up deep agony that is often expressed in raising our voices in the place of prayer, of course it does happens. But I write so that we can focus our attention on the fact that God is here, and when we pray, we should pray to God in faith and in humble submission, as like a child talking to his own father.

Therefore, wherever we are, we should always be conscious of the fact that God is there, he is present with us, He hears us, sees us and He is waiting with eager expectation to hear us talk to Him. The truth is, our prayer life should not constitute disturbance to other people. Imagine you waking up in the morning or in the midst of the night, only for your neighbors to be waked as well as a result of praying. Are you not making an empty show of valiance in prayer… Selah.

Don’t think that God is far away from you: No, He is Here (with you), He is in you: Having this knowledge and absorbing it into our being will definitely bring victory to us on daily basis. Glory to God.

NB: God is hereHe is altogether present wherever he is present at all.

1.         The most holy and necessary practice in our spiritual life is the presence of God. That means finding constant pleasure in His divine company, speaking humbly and lovingly with Him in all seasons, at every moment, without limiting the conversation in any way. This is especially important in times of temptation, sorrow, separation from God, and even in times of unfaithfulness and sin.

2.         We must try to converse with God in little way while we do our work; not in memorized prayer, not trying to recite previously formed thoughts. Rather, we should purely and simply reveal our hearts as the words come to us.    

3.         We must do everything with great care, avoiding impetuous actions, which are evidence of a disordered spirit. God wishes us to work gently, calmly, and lovingly with Him, asking Him to accept our work. By this continual attention to God, we will “resist the devil and cause him to flee”. (James 4:7).

4.         Whatever we do, even if we are reading the Word or praying we should stop for a few minutes-as often as possible-to praise God from the depths of our hearts, to enjoy Him there in secret. Since you believe that God is always with you, no matter what you may be doing, why shouldn’t you stop for a while to adore Him, to praise Him, to petition Him, to offer Him your heart, and to thank Him.




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