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"...I started looking at the world differently. I noticed how much people were being hurt by the porn industry and I never really thought of it before that." -Crystal DiGregorio-Bassette.

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[CBN News] Crystal DiGregorio-Bassette used to go by a different name—a porn name. (Photo: Courtesy Crystal DiGregorio-Bassette/via CBN News)

At that time, she was a femme fatale, a famous porn star who dominated the sex industry. Every major porn company knew her name.
Three years later, Crystal, 34, is a Born-Again Believer who left behind her salacious altar ego to serve Jesus Christ.
"When I was in porn, my life was all about being a sex object," she told Fox News. "Now I focus on helping people."
The mother of three now works as a Christian counselor, pastor, and paralegal in New York—a transformation she credits to the saving grace of Jesus.
Crystal encountered God at an altar one Easter Sunday. She was trapped in an abusive relationship and asked Jesus to save her that day.
"That moment was a moment of giving every hurt and fear to God. I was bawling my eyes out crying and praying for God to release me from the abusive relationship I was in and all the bad things in my life: it was a full surrender," she told CBN News.
"The encounter changed me because when I walked out of that church, I never went back to the bad relationship I was in and God started changing me from the inside out," she added.
God transformed the way Crystal saw the world.
"God removed the veil from my eyes, I started looking at the world differently," she told Fox. "I noticed how much people were being hurt by the porn industry and I never really thought of it before that."
Starting a new life and leaving behind the porn industry was far from easy though.
Crystal filed for bankruptcy and gave up her $10 million Malibu mansion, $30,000 a month, and several luxury cars.
When she tried to transition out of porn, her reputation preceded her. Several employers fired her when they found out about her past life and her son was bullied for her decisions.
Crystal says giving up stardom was worth it.
"I left the money and limelight of that world and I'm more peaceful now with the Lord because I don't have to be the sex object, I don't worry about money, I just worry about my soul and becoming a better person every day," she told CBN News.
Crystal says her previous life has allowed people to share their own struggles with her because they know she won't judge them.
"Anybody feels that they can come to me, and that's what I like about it. They can talk to me openly and not have to worry about me judging them," she told Fox. "We all do wrong. Nobody's perfect. It didn't matter if you've been saved your whole life or you walk into my church with full-on tattoos. I accept them for who they are, not attack them."
Crystal says she is inspired by Brittni De La Mora, another porn-star-turned pastor who CBN News has interviewed on multiple occasions. Crystal remembers seeing Brittni at porn awards shows.
Today, Crystal attends Lighthouse Mexico Church of God, in Mexico, NY.
She hopes her story will help others see the power of God's love.
"My story has given people hope that God can forgive and change us, no matter what your past is. I hope people learn more about the Lord and want to get to know Him," she said.
When asked how Christians can pray for sex workers, Crystal says: "Pray that the veil from their eyes get removed! That the industry causes pain and that God will reveal it to them."

Source: CBN News

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